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Apartments for rent, Zemun Belgrade


Apartments for rent Belgrade

When you are up for taking a break from daily routine and crowds, Olympic Apartments Belgrade awaits you! Over the years, our luxury complex of apartments for rent has been hosting guests from all over the world. Whether you want to spend quality time with your family, partner, or friends, our apartments are ideal for your leisure break or business stay.

Spa Apartments Belgrade - Zemun

If you are in search of a place that will make your stay in Belgrade both unique and relaxing, Spa Apartments Belgrade - Zemun is the right choice. With its rich offer of spa facilities, Olympic Apartments will accommodate precisely what you need - complete comfort and relaxation.

The sauna is ideal for complete relaxation of the body and mind and needs to be booked in advance. In addition, the beautiful indoor pool also serves as a place for swimming and team-building meetings and can be adapted for private parties and celebrations. With a capacity to host up to 17 people, our pool is perfect for organizing intimate events, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and celebrating life's big moments. Also, our comfortable luxury apartments with a hot tub will bring a touch of luxury into your life.

Apartments for rent: Where are we located?

Olympic Apartments are located in a very attractive and quiet location in Zemun. Spa Center Zemun - Olympic Apartments are only 8.8 km from the Belgrade Arena and 12 km from the Belgrade Railway Station. Also, the Belgrade Fair and Republic Square are only 13 km away from us, and the nearest airport, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, is 12 km away. The proximity of these and other city attractions, restaurants, and bars gives you the opportunity to relax in the atmosphere of apartments with a hot tub, whether you are renting a day use apartment in Zemun, traveling for leisure or business. At the same time, our guests have access to numerous services and amenities, including free WiFi, parking, and many others. Upon request, we may arrange an airport transfer for a fee to get you safely to your accommodation offered by these luxury apartments.

Spa Apartments Belgrade - Zemun - Altina: what we offer

Our commitment to your perfect stay is reflected in every single detail of the luxurious accommodation. Our facility's accommodation units are luxury apartments that offer comfort and the opportunity to rest. All our apartments have air conditioning, free WiFi, flat-screen TV, and a modern bathroom with toiletries (slippers, hair dryer, towels). For additional privacy and comfort, some accommodation units have a spacious balcony, offering additional space to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Zemun.

What sets us apart from other apartments is our exclusive spa center. Our spa apartments are a real gem, and their purpose is specially adapted for couples or individuals who wish to enjoy a private hydromassage pool in the comfort of their accommodation.

To complete your enjoyment, we have the opportunity to offer you additional content. You can use our shared lounge to socialize with other guests while enjoying our bar's offer of various drinks and cocktails. If you are up to exploring the city and the surrounding area, we also offer a car rental service that can bring you even closer to your adventures.

Choose an apartment tailored to your needs and requirements:
- King apartment – two-bed apartment with sauna and hot tub;
- Deluxe apartment – spacious apartment with a private pool, sauna and hot tub;
- Premium apartment – apartment connected to the spa center consisting of a steam bath, sauna and hot tub;
- Standard apartment - ideal for people looking for accommodation or overnight stay in Zemun.
- Two-bedroom apartment - ideal for accommodating up to 6 people, families, and workers who need a day use apartment in Zemun - Belgrade.

Day use apartment Belgrade – day use apartment with hot tub

If you are looking for accommodation for a business or private trip, choose a day use apartment with a hot tub. Olympic Apartments are a perfect blend of elegance and practicality, offering an unforgettable stay in a quiet part of Belgrade. Whether you are looking for a place to stay in Zemun or feel like enjoying an exclusive hot tub experience in your own apartment, Olympic Apartments will help you. Our apartments are carefully designed to provide comfort and a relaxing atmosphere. Spacious rooms, modernly furnished interior and bathrooms give our apartments a luxurious note. They can be used both for leisure or accommodation during a business trip. If you are looking for a touch of luxury, Zemun Apartments can help you choose the right accommodation. Our apartments with a hot tub can ensure you completely relax in your own hydromassage pool after an exciting or tiring day in the city, and the spa center with a pool can add to the overall feeling of relaxation and enjoyment.

Special offer: luxury apartments

And when you think that's all, Olympic Apartments Zemun will offer more than just accommodation.

Book an overnight stay for Valentine's Day - For couples in love looking for the perfect place to surprise their partner, our apartments with a hot tub and sauna are the right place to celebrate love. Celebrate love every day, but pamper yourself with our luxury apartments' special Valentine's Day atmosphere.

Rent a day use apartment for business stays - Olympic Apartments offer a practical but elegant day use apartment for business stays, adapted to your needs. Whether you need a quiet place to relax after a hectic work day or a comfortable space for meetings and negotiations, our apartments are the right choice.

Find accommodation for workers - Olympic Apartments have apartments where you can relax and rest for the next working day, especially if you need a day use apartment in Belgrade/Zemun.

Organize a private pool party - A place where you can make your dreams come true, customize the decor theme (for a fee), and organize a unique and unforgettable private pool party.

Spa Apartments Zemun - Belgrade offer the ultimate stay experience of a day use apartment. The unique contents, available Spa and Wellness Center, as well as the bar perfect for taking a break will make you feel like you are on vacation. Do not forget that breakfast is included in the price. The facility is completely pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your pets.